Instruction for Chairs & Speakers

Presentation Time

  Presentation Time Discussion
Presitential Guest Lecture
Invited Guest Lecture
Industry Sponsored Lecture
Presentation time has been sent to each speaker separately
ORS-ISFR Clinical Study (CS-01~42)
Young Young Investigator Competition* - Clinical study – (YI-01~06)
7 min. 2 min.
ORS-ISFR Basic Science (BS-01~27)
Young Young Investigator Competition* - Basic Science – (YI-07~13)
9 min. 3 min.

Please be punctual and carefully follow the allotted time limits above.

Presentation File Preparation and Procedure of the day of the presentation

Coming soon.

COI Disclosure

All the presenters should report the COI statement. Please insert the COI Disclosure Form Slide to your presentation slide of next to the front slide.
Please download the COI Disclosure Form below.

COI Disclosure Form

Notes for Speakers Using Their Own PC

Remember to bring your own power adaptor and cables and your computer must be equipped with a Dsub-15 pin video output to connect with the projector. (Thin notebook PCs may have nonstandard output terminals.)

All energy-conserving functions such as screen-savers, sleep/power-saving modes should be disabled on PCs to be used in the presentation.
For Mac users do not forget to bring VGA adaptor with you.
By way of precaution, all presenters are also required to bring a USB memory containing the presentation file in Apple Key Note or Microsoft Power Point of Macintosh or Windows version of Microsoft Power Point.